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    Stubble is not only my comic, but it’s a method of speaking to the public. People read what I have to say. I want people to sometimes think about life. Hopefully, people can understand one another if they can understand one another a bit better. Like, if the bully learns that the dork is a dork for a certain reason, maybe then he can understand that he too, is a bully for the same reason…

    Yeah, Uh. I don’t know. But it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in the world, and everyone deals with the same things, in different ways. We all have problems, we all get happy, mad, angry, sad, loving, etc…. If I didn’t write like that, I would only be lying to myself.

    Living in ignorance is not a good thing…But throwing in humor now and then is okay.…

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    feeling -headache! ARGH I seem to be doing a lousy job this week. I don’t have time for a comic for today, and Monday’s comic didn’t appear till around 7pm of that day. On the plus side is that I’m still doing it… *weak laugh* Don’t hurt me. feeling -ok
    Hey. My computer is acting strange, preventing me to color my comic on time. I’ll finish it and post it later today. Sorry!
    I don’t know. feeling -crappy
    Hey. Bored? Wanna check out another comic? Then why not check out, Radical Dreamers! If you like it, tell ’em Josh sent ya.
    Diets are mean. feeling -sick Well hello my little broogies! Happy new year and all that! I seem to be having a pain in the ol’ gulliver, if you know what I’m saying. Sorry for not updating this comic for so long, but now I’m back at my computer, ready to rock.

    I want to thank everyone who donated last month, you all helped me out a lot. I managed to get almost everyone I wanted a gift, and I’m glad that I could… Next year I think I need to give only 1/3 of the people something. Also, I want to thank all my fans for sticking with me and supporting me. I know not everyone likes my work, and downright hates it, so for those who show support, I bow to you. I thank you a lot. Please. Come visit the forums and talk with us (it’s the blah button to the right).

    Let’s hope I can keep Stubble lasting to 2004!
    Take Care! feeling -Annoyed Why is my site updating backwards? HUH? Keenspace! Get with the fucking program!Oh damn!11.25.2002: feeling -Lemming-ish I made a webjournal.
    Why? Oh why?! feeling -Impressed… Rules of Make-Believe
    Why didn’t I find this earlier? Check it out. Read it from the start. Tell them I sent you. Read from right to left. feeling -I need a holiday. NOW. I’m rooting for you, Chris.

    Uhm, yeah. Last week I only managed to get two comics done due to my internet being down till Tuesday. When I had the internet down, I didn’t focus so much on Stubble like I normally do, and instead focused more on things like… Oh… You know, homework. Then when it came back up, I screwed myself over and only got two of the three days up. So, I’m sorry about that.

    And now you know. feeling -Spooooky Yes. Contest time.
    Late Tonight, the premiere of Inner-Demons will begin… Be there…
    Oh Roland.Pleeenty of time to prepare. feeling -Competitive
    Yes. Contest time. Whoever dresses up as a stubble character for halloween and shows me a picture. The one that looks neatoest to me gets a cameo of some sort in stubs.You heard it here.Pleeenty of time to prepare. feeling -Accomplished Two years ago today, The first stubble appeared online. So celebrate it’s aniversary goodness by sharing your love with me and donate some cash. Nya ha ha.

    Remember, …

  • Ha ha! zombies!


    I saw a zombie once!!! well really it was just an old guy. But I was scared! Just like that time that I saw a really big tree! OK!!! about your letter, it is very long so i didn’t read most of it. ha ha. but you said somethng about apes!! I’ve never seen an ape but I heard that they are big. Webcomics are really amazing!!! I agree!!! but I don’t understand stubble. too many words. ha ha. I think it needs more fighting, like when those girls fight eachother!! that was cool. SO i guess stubble is COOL! ha ha i don’t really know! Thank you for writing in!!…


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